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Koi and Fish Health to look for in spring

Please keep in mind that unless you have regular pond cleanouts your fish are at risk.


When your fish have been hibranating for the winter they are suseptable to protozoa when the water warms up. If your pond is new to you or you have not had it cleaned in a while you need to get the pond cleaned out completely.

Fish behavour

After the pond starts to warm up you should be watching your fish's behavour and if you see anything odd or out of the ordanary like as follows.

#1 ( Fish Flashing ) - This starts when the water quality has been poor for a long period of time.
#2 ( Fish Gasping for air ) - This is caused by lack of oxygen or Parasite infestation.
#3 ( Fish hiding ) - Infestation of some type or infection.
#4 ( fish sitting at the bottom ) - Fish has a bladder or bloat problem.
#5 ( Fish is swiming oddly ) - Bladder infection or injury.
#6 ( Fish jumping out of the pond ) - Perasite infestation.
#7 ( 1 fish seporating itself from the other fish ) - Pregnant or syndrome or infection.

Contact us as soon as possible if you see any of this behavior.

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#1 ( Leaches ) - Visable and treatable, Requred product to irradicate.
#2 ( Ick ) - needs medication to resovle and irradicate, Treat Immediatly.
#3 ( Trichodina ) - medication required treat immediatly.
#4 ( White Spot ) - Can be treated Moderate Issue.
#5 ( Tape Worm ) - Need to be treated immediatly.
#6 ( Fin Rott ) - Treatment only Melafix.
#7 ( Tail Rott ) - Treatment only Pimafix.
#8 ( Clearish white blotches ) - Fungis Microscopic evaluation required.
#9 ( White film over the eyes ) - Treatment Pond Salt or Pima & Melafix.
#10 ( Gill Rott ) - Salt or Quarantine treatment may be required.
#11 ( Bent or buldging body ) - Non-treatable.

Checking for puffyness or grouth on fins and body, Contact us as soon as possible if you see any of this behavior.

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